Frequently Asked Questions

Are we on Taxi Cab Confessions?
It really depends on how crazy you get.

Is there a smartphone app I can use to call a Tiger Taxi?
Yes. We've partnered with Gata Hub to make it easier to hail a taxi right from your smartphone. Find out more...

I left something in the taxi. How can I get it back?
Visit our Lost & Found page for more information and to report a lost item.

What are your hours of operation?
Tiger Taxi is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is it really $75 if you get sick in the cab?

What is a normal tip?
Usually 20-25% or $1 per person.

Do you have to pick up everybody who calls?
No, the public transit system does, but we are a private company.

Have you ever kicked anyone out of your cab?
Yes, once again we are a private company and we have complete freedom to kick people out if they are being impolite.

Do you have a van that can hold a large group?
Yes, all of our taxis are vans. They can each fit up to 7 people.

What kind of vehicle should I be looking for?
Click here.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, but there is a $8 minimum.

Do you offer airport shuttle service?
Yes. Check out our Airport Shuttle Information.

Are you hiring?
Maybe. Email us at

I called at 2:00 AM. Why did it take you 30 minutes to get here?
Most bars in Auburn close at 2:00. We always get flooded with calls at that time. Try to call in advance.

How can I get an advertisement on one of your taxis?
Email us at