Rates Up to Two Passengers:

Initial Cost: $1.85

Cost Per Mile: $2.00

Cost Per Minute: $0.20

$1.50 for each extra passenger over 2 people.

$3.00 per person for 5 or more people (if multiple groups are going to different places in Auburn).

$55 to rent a taxicab's service for one hour.

Airport Shuttle Service

We can beat Uber's price to any location more than 25 miles away; just show the driver the price and we'll beat it!

Flat Rate Destinations:

Birmingham: $165
La Grange: $75
Atlanta: $150
Montgomery: $95
Columbus: $80
Alexander City: $75

Phoenix City: $65
Ft. Benning*: $90
Tuskegee: $45
Opelika: $5 Surcharge
Victory Land: $50

*Front Gate